Fibrelok multifibre creates an artificial root structure, very similar to the grass roots in turf.

A widely used additive that can be added to existing or new sand based riding surfaces. 

blend of  fibre type is processed to ensure that a 'real life' root structure is created, ensuring you and your horse work 'on top' of the surface rather than 'through' it. Slightly darker than our Sports Fibre it offers a very cost effective option for both new and existing sand based arenas.


The 'perfect' product to be used as an 'add in' material to existing or new sand based surfaces. This same material is used in the manufacture of our Fibrelok ecopremix.


Due to the 'openness'  it is easily incorporated into sand using a power harrow type machine, please see our installation guidelines for full details.


The finished product is aesthetically pleasing, good to firm, stable and forgiving for the horse.

We strongly recommend a high quality sub angular silica sand be used for optimum results, although we do witness remarkable results when added to very poor 'dead' sand.

This  affordable product has been developed by us to achieve the very best in affordable equestrian fibre additives.

Fibrelok multifibre derives from post industrial yarns delivered to us in bale form the material is separated by material type and colour blend, prior to entering the granulation process the material enters a bespoke configuration of wired rollers to 'tease' the material open, this allows us to remove the unwanted backing, small dust and fine fibre particle.

This process ensures we offer a uniform product with any oversize material re-introduced  for further processing. Once opened the material is then blended with our polypropylene fibre, a non absorbent material that due to its engineered length not only creates the ideal blend of long and short fibres but increases lateral cohesion when added to new or existing equestrian surfaces.

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