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Fibrelok Sports Fibre™- Europe's leading Synthetic Stabiliser.         Email us today for free samples - Nationwide Supply                                                                                                              


Sportsfibre 100% Chopped Premium sand stabiliser, recommended for stabilising sand based equestrian riding surfaces. The addition of Sports Fibre creates an arificial root network, increases moisture retention whislt providing a stable footing with energy return.

Increased cushion and flexibility is created within the 'root structure' giving the surface increased lateral support and spring like feel, making it an ideal additive for those wishing a firmer more compact surface. 



  • Greater Stability.

  • Increased Moisture Retention.

  • Reduces Tendon and Joint Injury.

  • Increased Surface Resilience.

  • High Energy Return.


  • 50% Increased Volume than competitors fibre.

  • Cut Fibres ( Not Shredded ) offering complete consistency.

  • Consistent blended colour.


  • Reduces Maintenance.

  • Europes Leading Sand Stabiliser.

  • Dust and Latex removal.

We recommend that your new or existing sand based surface be a minimum depth of 125mm ( 5" ) prior to the installation of Sports fibre. 


Mixing Ratio: Sportsfibre is blended into the top 3-4" of sand, spread rates are dependable on the quality of silica sand and intended uses/disciplines. As a guide we recommend 3Kg per square metre for: General Schooling - Dressage - Showjumping


Installation Of Sports.

Ensure your surface is level and moist if possible.

To calculate the coverage of each bale, take the bale weight and divide by 3, this will give you the square metre coverage, divide that figure by the width of the strip you are distributing in.

example: Bale weight 320kg divided by 3.0 = 106.66  divided by 5 = 21.33 linear metres at a 5m width


  • Distribute evenly the fibre from each bale into the marked area.

  • Use a tractor mounted power harrow/stone burier for the first pass at approx 1” depth to fully open the fibre then roll and begin second pass.

  • Blend the fibre into the top 3”, until an even spread of fibres is achieved. A further pass may be required to achieve a thorough mixing.

  • Moisten the surface with each pass, roll the surface followed by grading,  ideally the leveller should have a crumble roller and sprung tines.



Should you have any queries or concerns please contact us on 01302 220330


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