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Silica Sand

To assist you in making the correct sand choices we have listed below the relevant data sheets from some of the leading producers of high grade sub angular silica sand in the UK. Please click on the icons to view the PDF file. Fibrelok supply a range of quality sands at extremely competitive prices. Contact us today for a quotation

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The primary principle of selecting surface materials is to obtain materials that maintain their loose nature without compaction while providing stability for your riding activity. The major component used in the installation of equestrian surfaces is silica sand, and whilst many companies profess to offer equestrian grade silica sand, there are in fact only a handful of quarries in the UK that produce a sand suitable for equestrian use.

Sand particle shape is key, a sand that is of equestrian grade must be "sub-angular" in shape , sub-angular materials do not have the sharpness, they are naturally occurring materials that are mined and processed to exacting specification, some angularity is required to enable a greater void space between the particles and to offer resistance to movement, therefore a blend of exacting particle size is of paramount importance.

Fibrelok can supply a range of high grade silica sands throughout the UK, please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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