Manufacturers and Suppliers of Artificial Synthetic Equestrian Surfaces ~ Processors and blenders of premium grade synthetic fibre additives.

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Fibrelok products and surfaces are completely safe, manufactured from non- hazardous, non-toxic materials.

There are no harmful materials in our products that will leach out into the ground or cause environmental contamination.


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Fibrelok manufacture a range of equestrian surfaces and fibre blends, combined with over 25 years of construction experience, Fibrelok are experts in offering the very best in arena and gallop construction no matter how large or small your project is. 


Fibrelok stock and supply a wide range of both woven and non woven geotextiles, specific for construction of arenas and gallops.

Incorporating the finest sub angular silica sand available we blend our uniquely processed and blended fibres to exacting standards, and that's our secret. Our blended fibres offer the optimum in creating an artificial rootzone.

Our blended fibres are available at the exacting standards used in our premixed surfaces and can be incorporated into either existing or new sand based surfaces. Whether you have a surface riding deep or is inconsistent, the addition of our fibres will create a high load bearing, impact forgiving surface.

To compliment our range of arena surfaces and fibre additives, we now supply a wide range of surface maintenance equipment.


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 Fibrelok are at the forefront of synthetic fibre processing and supply to the equestrian sports  industry, suppliers of premium products:

                                                                   Pre-mixed surfaces ~ Silica sand ~ Fibre additives ~ Geotextiles 

        Manufacturers and Installers of Equestrian Surfaces ~ Processors and blenders of  synthetic fibre additives.

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