Manufacturers and Suppliers of Artificial Synthetic Equestrian Surfaces ~ Processors and blenders of premium grade synthetic fibre additives.


Fibrelok  offer two non waxed premixed surfaces,  eco and sports products have been meticulously developed to suit all disciplines and budgets. Our flagship sports fibres are blended with high grade silica sand to create a leading all weather equestrian surface. Sports premix has been designed for the more demanding applications, further additives are added to increase moisture retention and durability. 


Both Sports Fibre and Sports Premix are leading products and not to be associated with other branded products of similar name. We are confident that our products are at the forefront of equestrian premixed dry surfaces and synthetic fibre additives, please contact us for samples and see for yourself the quality of Fibrelok products.   

Fibrelok eco and Sports Premix                                                                                                                   Email us today for free samples                                                                                                           

eco premix

​Fibrelok eco premix is a quality product containing 100% synthetic fibre materials. High grade silica sand is blended with moisture retaining and binding fibres to create a real life 'root network'.

​​​​Recommended for: General Schooling, Eventing, Dressage and Jumping.                       

sports  premix


Fibrelok Sport has increased elasticity whilst maintaining excellent hoof grip and energy return.

High grade silica sand is blended with polyester,nylon and elastane fibres  to create a high performance sure footed surface.

​​Recommended for: Show Jumping, Polo, Dressage, Carriage driving and General Schooling.                               

silica sands


Sand particle shape is key, a sand that is of equestrian grade must be "sub-angular" in shape.  Fibrelok can supply a range of high grade silica sands throughout the UK, please contact us to discuss your requirements.             

Why Fibrelok® 

Fibrelok  products are consistent time after time, we do not use recycled post consumer waste, only exacting materials are sourced, processed and blended. We know materials, we understand how they work together, and we can help you select the best product for your needs and budget.

One of the many features of Fibrelok's surfaces are complete consistency, exacting methods and materials ensures a consistent product and ride time after time.                    

Call us or email us today for a free sample and no obligation quotation 01302 220330

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