Fibrelok sport is a well recognised premium quality product offering greater elasticity whilst maintaining excellent hoof grip and energy return. High grade silica sand is blended with Fibrelok sports fibres to create a high performance sure footed surface.

Our products are guaranteed 100% synthetic, low maintenance, affordable, but most importantly 'they perform' time and time again, with our products either installed or incorporated into existing surfaces across the UK why not see for yourself the difference a Fibrelok surface or additive could make ?

​​​Recommended for: Show Jumping, Dressage, Polo, Flat training,Carriage driving, General schooling.


​​The Benefits

Fibrelok premixed surfaces are produced using specifically manufactured raw materials and carefully controlled processes ​to ensure a consistent high quality product. Our premix is created from forming a network of polypropylene and polyester fibres within high grade silica sand.
Our premixed surfaces are able to absorb and retain moisture without effecting the performance or quality of ride.
The unique fibre root network  cushions impact, stabilises lateral movement, reduces impact on joints, increasing comfort and minimising fatigue.

Why Fibrelok ?

Fibrelok  products are consistent time after time. We do not process recycled post consumer waste, only exacting materials are sourced, processed and blended. We know materials, we understand how they work together, and we can help you select the best product for your needs and budget.

To request a sample of either our fibre or premix products please email us ​or contact us on 01302 220330


​​​Recommended for:

​Show Jumping, Dressage, Polo, Flat training,Carriage driving, General schooling.​

 Fibrelok are at the forefront of synthetic fibre processing and supply to the equestrian sports  industry, suppliers of premium products:

                                                                   Pre-mixed surfaces ~ Silica sand ~ Fibre additives ~ Geotextiles 

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Fibrelok Sports premix.                                              Email us today for free samples - Nationwide Supply                                                                                                              

Fibrelok products and surfaces are completely safe, manufactured from non- hazardous, non-toxic materials.

There are no harmful materials in our products that will leach out into the ground or cause environmental contamination.


        Manufacturers and Installers of Equestrian Surfaces ~ Processors and blenders of  synthetic fibre additives.

''Premium quality as standard''

Tel: Doncaster 01302 841999

Tel: Exeter 01392 409132


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