• Ensure your surface is level and moist.
• Divide your surface into equal segments ie: 40m x 20m – 8 squares – place a bale in the centre of each square.

• Distribute evenly the fibre from each bale.

• Use a tractor mounted power harrow for the first pass at approx 3-4” depth.

• Using a tractor mounted rotovator, mix the fibre into the top 3-4”, until an even spread of fibres is achieved. A further pass may be required to achieve a thorough mixing.

• Moisten the surface with each pass, roll the surface followed by using a suitable leveller, ideally the leveller should have a crumble roller and sprung tines.

• It is a must that the surface is kept damp at all times, should the surface dry out the fibre will work its way to the top, if this is occurs the fibres will need to be rotovated back in.

Should you have any queries or concerns please contact a member of our team on: 01302 841999.


On site blending has become very popular. Locally sourced silica sand eliminates the need to haul premixed surfaces long distances, hence reducing transport costs. Fibre additives are delivered to site where they are evenly distributed and power harrowed into the top 3-4" of sand. Suitable maintenance equipment should be used to ensure the very best is achieved from your surface.

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